Data Breach

It wasn’t so long ago that hackers, data security breaches, and “cybercriminals” seemed almost exclusively the domain of movies and television shows.

Recently, though, these very real threats have evolved from occasional nuisances to an omnipresent specter that haunts our entire economy and nearly every American with a bank account.

Every few weeks, news emerges that another major retailer, health care organization, or financial services provider has fallen prey to an electronic scheme that led to the loss of money or confidential information belonging to either the company or its customers. Millions of Americans have had their credit card numbers, bank account details, health records, and other personal information stolen, through no fault of their own. They’ve become victims only because they had the misfortune to patronize a business that was unwilling or unable to secure its own systems.

If this has happened to you, you are now at a substantially increased risk for identity theft. The thieves responsible for the data breach at the company to which you provided your personal data or where you used your credit card already may have sold your stolen information to the highest bidder. That information then can be used to create a phony “copy” of you to open bank accounts, take out loans, or even procure drivers’ licenses or other official documents in your name.

What is worse is that nearly all of this could have been prevented. Most data breaches occur because the company that was targeted failed to repair a known vulnerability in its information systems.

Imagine for a moment that you had received a recall notice for the deadbolt lock on your front door. The notice tells you that a burglar could modify the pull tab from a soda can to pick the lock and strongly advises you to have the lock replaced as soon as possible.

Would you feel secure in your home until you had replaced that deadbolt lock? Neither would we.

Many of the companies targeted by hacker attacks were made aware of similar notices about vulnerabilities in their systems but failed to reinforce their security in a timely manner … if at all. They knew the “deadbolt” was faulty but decided to leave your data at risk until they got around to replacing it. And now you’re paying for their negligence.

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